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An independently owned audio production company and studio in Ottawa, Canada

Crafting Exceptional Audio

With tailored services, close attention to detail, and a craftsman’s approach, Tev treats every project with diligence and care. Tev Sound provides personalized audio services to artists, musicians, local businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs, in Ottawa and across the world. Whatever your project goals, Tev can make it sound great.


Turn your ideas into real projects by recording in Tev’s cozy and approachable studio. Click here to find out more about Tev’s recording studio and to book affordable studio time in Ottawa.


Looking to get your recordings mixed? Take a recorded project to the next level using a combination of hardware and software. Click here to find out more about our reasonably-priced mixing services.


Need some final touches on a project? Tev’s meticulous mastering is done on a variety of equipment in a sound-treated room. Click here for info about inexpensive mastering services.


  TevSound is an independent production company & home recording studio, owned and operated by producer Tev Bourque. Tev has worked with artists such as John Carroll, Birdie Whyte, Amanda Lowe, and Jumpin’ Joel Flash & the Magic Machine. Click here to check out Tev’s portfolio to listen to recent projects or book your studio time now.

“Music and audio are my life’s passion. I would be honoured to work with you and help elevate your project to the next level.”
-Tev, your friendly neighbourhood audio guy.